Dulcimer Programs

Celticana is not just about providing entertainment, but also about sharing the beauty and history of dulcimer music with the community.  We create individually tailored programs to suit the needs and requirements of your event.

Explore the mystical lore of the hammered dulcimer. Every program is specially tailored for your event. 30, 45, or 60-minute programs available.

Learn the history of the hammered dulcimer from its ancient roots to its current role. Tunes are enhanced with supporting historical content.

Hear the enchanting, music box-like sounds of this traditional musical instrument while enjoying melodies from many cultures, including our own Early American tunes.

Provide interesting programs for club or organization meetings. There is “something for everyone” to learn and enjoy.

Enrich the experience: Add a hands-on component to your program. Allow time for your guests to play the dulcimer. They’ll be awed and amazed!

Stimulate public awareness of your programs and events. Advertising included as part of most programs.


Program Titles

A Musical History of the Hammered Dulcimer
We begin our journey in Ancient Persia and follow a musical path tracing the development of the dulcimer in many cultures and countries.

Music of Early America
“The World Turned Upside Down” at the American Revolution! This program brings history books to life with musical photographs of Colonial days. Complimenting the secular music are representations of one of America’s most studied groups, the Shakers.

Celtic Treasures
Hear the jigs, reels, waltzes and aires of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.  They are the ancestors of our American dance music:  particuilarly square dancing, contra dancing, and many more.