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Dance music, you say?   Sure!  Let’s go for the contradance and English Country dance music and perhaps some other ‘barn dance’ and ceili jigs and reels.  Let’s sneak in some Renaissance and American Shaker tunes, too.

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Music Activates the Brain

Posted by on Feb 11th, 2012 in Music Education, Uncategorized | 0 comments

A recent study by Finnish scientists shows that listening to music doesn’t just activate the auditory areas of your brain, it also activates the motor areas, showing the strong link between movement and music, and activates the limbic system (our emotional center.)
Gleaned from Vi Wickham’s music website:
We know that music makes us want to dance, and we know that music can make us smile or cry, and now we have substantiated scientific demonstration of this on a physical neurological basis.

Read the Article on Science Daily:


Abstract of the Study: